” Crypto Connection Night in Seoul ” co – hosted by 0x90 and viclab ended successfully

hosted by 0x90 and viclab Ballen, Acara , DIDSWAP , Caring The Crypto Connection Night co -organized by Meadow was successfully held in Seoul, South Korea this weekend . This event brought together elites from all walks of life in the encryption field to discuss the blockchain around the theme of ” Linking the Future of Finance” The application and future development trend of technology in the financial field has been supported by 7O’Clock Capital , PANews , DeBox , Dogewow , UNIX CAPITAL , Blocklike , FeiXiaoHao , WikiBit , blockbeats , WiKiBit and other institutions .


The guests at the meeting conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as the latest developments in the encryption industry, technology research, and market prospects, and shared their thoughts and experiences. At the same time, many industry leaders gave keynote speeches, bringing wonderful and unique insights. During this event, the participating guests conducted in-depth and full exchanges and communication, which strengthened the connection and cooperation between each other. We believe that such exchanges will contribute to further development and innovation in the crypto space.


The 0x90 team focuses on blockchain project operations and consulting. They provide tailored and efficient operational solutions for projects to help them achieve success. 0x90 looks at self-operated or cooperative projects from a professional and unique perspective, and uses the “24-frame deconstruction method” to think and operate a project, and is known as the corporate doctor and super screenwriter of the blockchain business.


Official website link : https://www.0x90.club/

Twitter link : https://twitter.com/0x90



As a technology-driven enterprise, Viclab has a high-quality team composed of technical experts, investors, marketing and operation talents, providing customers with a full range of services such as technology development, entrepreneurial project incubation, community operations, and quantitative strategies .


Twitter link : https://twitter.com/VicLab_

Official website link : https://medium.com/@viclab



Ballen is an emerging Web3 application and game product based on the Move to Earn model, with its own GameFi and SocialFi systems. Users only need to get token rewards through basketball in their daily life, and users equip themselves with NFT in the form of basketball. These tokens can be used outdoors in the game or cashed out for profit. Ballen is committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle for more people around the world, actively fighting climate change, connecting the masses with Web3, while building an open and sustainable platform through its gaming and social elements.


Official website link : https://linktr.ee/ballenofficial

Twitter link : https://twitter.com/BALLEN_official

Acara is an information governance DAO based on Web 3.0 technology and an ever-expanding ecosystem of decentralized information social applications and services. Acara is committed to building a decentralized information social network to provide users with a more open and free information exchange environment.


Official website link : https://linktr.ee/acaradao

Twitter link : https://twitter.com/acaradao



Caring Meadow is a blockchain-based NFT breeding game built with love and passion. Built on cutting-edge blockchain technology, the game provides a transparent, secure and decentralized platform for players to breed and collect their own NFTs in a fair gaming environment.


Official website link : https://caringmeadow.com/

Twitter link : https://twitter.com/CaringMeadow



DIDSWAP is a decentralized trading platform, committed to becoming the world’s leading decentralized trading center and infrastructure provider in WEB3 , promoting the application and innovation of blockchain technology in the financial field, and contributing to the construction of the WEB3 world.

Twitter link : https://twitter.com/DID_Swap

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